Navigating the DuraLabel Toro Main Screen

Last Modified: 08/09/2021
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main-screen-duralabel-toroThe Toro main screen appears when you turn the system on. Most of the common functions of your Toro can be reached through the toolbar along the top of this screen.

Like visuals? You can view examples here: DuraLabel Toro User Guide



  1. SOFTWARE SHORTCUT ICONS: At the left side of the toolbar, you will see icons for your label design software. For users in the United States, Toro comes loaded with DuraSuite for creating labels in a variety of standardized formats, such as GHS labels, NFPA Diamond labels, Arc Flash labels, or Pipe Markers. Toro also includes LabelForge for creating completely customized label designs from scratch, using a simple interface. Each of these programs is covered in more detail in its own User Guide.
  2. GP COMMUNITY ICON: If your Toro has Wi-Fi enabled, this icon will appear, letting you quickly access the GP Community.
  3. TEMPLATES: The Templates menu allows you to easily browse pre-made templates that are provided with your Toro. The templates are organized into categories.
  4. PROGRAMS: The Programs menu provides access to the different software and system controls on your Toro.programs-d-drive-duralabel-toro
  5. D DRIVE: On a Windows system, this button allows you to browse the backup and data folders on your Toro system. On a Linux system, this button will be replaced by a “DATA” icon on the desktop.
  6. MY DOCUMENTS: Use this to browse your commonly used templates, label designs, or images. Most of your created files will be saved here.
  7. PRINTER SETTINGS: This button opens the Printer Settings window, where you can adjust common Toro system settings or access more advanced ones.printer-settings-duralabel-toro
    • If you change ribbon types, you will need to select the current ribbon under “Ribbon Type” in this window.
    • If you change from one type of label stock to another, you may need to select the current supply type in the “Supply Calibration” section.
      • Continuous: an uninterrupted, continuous roll of label stock (the most common supply type)
      • Black Mark: a roll of partially pre-printed labels, with black marks on the backing to distinguish one label from the next
      • Die-Cut: a roll of pre-cut labels, usually pre-printed with some elements, with small gaps between labels
  8. SUPPLY INFORMATION: This icon fills with green to show approximately how much of your label stock is left. Clicking on the icon will open a window with more details about the supply.
  9. BATTERY STATUS: If Toro is using a battery, the approximate level of charge remaining will be shown here.
  10. HELP: This icon gives you access to training materials, including instructional videos, manuals, how-to demonstrations, and label examples.
  11. SYSTEM INFORMATION: Click on this icon to view the contact information for customer support, supply ordering, or product updates, as well as details on your Toro system and its software.
  12. POWER BUTTON: Use this button to power down your Toro system. The physical button on the Control Panel will have the same effect.
  13. DATE AND TIME: If the displayed time is incorrect, click on the time to open the time settings window.

More Support Options

If you have any questions about using your DuraLabel Toro printer, get help from Graphic Products’ world-class support team by calling 800-788-5572 or visiting We’re here to help with all your labeling needs!

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If we've been unable to help you with the resources available here, we're still here for you! Live Chat with a certified service representative now.
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