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Last Modified: 07/28/2021
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DuraSuite Labeling Software is the easy way to create informative labels and signs. Intuitive toolbars and menu options let you control dimensions and other options while dialog boxes lead you through the label-building process. DuraSuite comes preloaded with over 1,300 symbols.

DuraSuite Labeling Software Toolbar and Menu Bar

DuraSuite’s toolbar includes options for creating a variety of labels: Arc Flash, NFPA, RTK, Pipe Markers/Ammonia Pipe Markers, GHS/HazCom 2012, or custom labels. The following tools are shown on each label’s toolbar or menu bar, though not every tool is used for every type of label. Tools not applicable to a label type are grayed out.


  1. File provides file and print options or lets you exit the program.
  2. Edit lets you undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, or delete a label, or switch to edit mode.
  3. Tools contains options for module settings and calibrating* label position.
  4. Help shows basic software information and lets you check for updates.
  5. Search By specifies what field is to be searched (e.g., name or CAS number).
  6. New Label starts a new label with blank fields.
  7. Edit Label enters edit mode for an existing label.
  8. Save Label saves a label to the database or file system.
  9. Delete Label erases the label from the database.
  10. Show/Hide Symbols toggles between showing hazard pictograms and hazard keywords/comments on RTK labels.
  11. Quick Print prints the current label.
  12. Print Preview lets you preview the printed label layout.
  13. Change Database lets you toggle between databases (in modules which contain multiple databases, such as GHS).
  14. First Record jumps to the first label in the database or search results (or hit F5).
  15. Previous Record goes back one record in the database or search results (or hit F6).
  16. Next Record goes forward one record in the database or search results (or hit F7).
  17. Last Record jumps to the last label in the database or search results (or hit F8).
  18. Module Select brings up dialog box containing module selections to let you switch between label types.
  19. Label Drop-Down Menu lets you select specific label type and size.

DuraSuite Labeling Software Display and Edit Modes

DuraSuite separates its functionality into two modes. The default mode is Display, which shows the layout of a label. In some modules, Display mode will also let you make changes to the layout. When available, you can make changes to the size, position, and font of label elements in Display mode.

In Edit mode, you can change the text on a label, usually without affecting the layout. Label content, such as text fields, is usually changed in Edit mode.

Get Started

When opening the DuraSuite Labeling Software, you’re presented with DuraSuite’s opening splash menu. Once you’ve determined the type of label you want to create, click on the corresponding icon, then select the label size you want from the dialog box that appears.


Label Types

You can create many types of labels and signs with DuraSuite Labeling Software, including Arc Flash, NFPA, Right-to-Know Color Bar, Pipe Markers/Ammonia Pipe Markers, GHS, HazCom 2012, and custom labels. All are discussed in this guide.

DuraSuite Labeling Software prints:

  • Arc Flash labels: 4 sizes
  • NFPA labels: 7 layouts
  • RTK Color Bar labels: 4 layouts
  • Pipe Marking labels, including Ammonia Pipe Markers (customizable layouts)
  • GHS labels: 5 layouts
  • HazCom 2012 labels: 10 layouts
  • Custom labels using the Label Designer Module

More Support Options

If you have any questions about using DuraSuite label design software, get help from Graphic Products’ world-class support team by calling 800-788-5572 or visiting We’re here to help with all your labeling needs!

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