Getting to Know Your DuraLabel Kodiak

Last Modified: 07/02/2021
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With your DuraLabel Kodiak, you can create fully customized industrial signs and labels, on-site and on-demand.

Kodiak uses built-in label design software and two-color printing capabilities for powerful, effective, and efficient sign creation. Kodiak is a thermal transfer printer, meaning that it uses heat to transfer a solid resin, or “ink”, from a printing ribbon onto a label stock. With two separate print heads and two separate ribbons, Kodiak can print in two colors on the same label.

Kodiak is larger and heavier than some printers, weighing about 42 pounds (about 20 kilograms). We recommend having two people work together to unpack or reposition the printer.

In the Box

In Kodiak’s box, you will find the following materials:

  • Kodiak Printer
  • Blank Ribbon Cartridge (1)
  • Ribbon Cartridges (2)
  • Kodiak User Guide (this document)
  • Kodiak Quick Start Guide
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD
  • Wireless Keyboard (stowed inside the printer’s lid)
  • Wi-Fi USB Adapter (already plugged in, behind the removable back panel)


Your Kodiak



  1. Print Button - Prints one copy of the current label design (if any)
  2. X (Cancel) Button - Cancels the current print job (if any)
  3. ? (Help) Button - Opens the help interface for the current program, or shows Kodiak version information (if on the Home Screen)
  4. USB-A ports (2)
  5. Adjustable Touchscreen
  6. Cutter



  1. Power Socket
  2. Power Switch
  3. USB-B Port
  4. Ethernet Port
  5. Behind Removable Panel: USB-A Ports for wireless keyboard receiver and Wi-Fi USB Adapter



  1. Supply Sensor
  2. Adjustable Supply Guides
  3. Supply Holder Adjustment Tab
  4. Adjustable Supply Holders
  5. Print Heads and Latches (2)
  6. Feed Roller Bar and Latch
  7. Ribbon Cartridges (2)
  8. Blank Ribbon Cartridge

Kodiak Home Screen


  1. Home Button
  2. Hamburger Menu
  3. Desktop Area
  4. Supply/Ribbon Information
  5. Printing Preferences/Status
  6. Network Settings
  7. Date/Time
  8. Main Menu

The Kodiak home screen will appear when you start the system, and you can return to it by clicking the Home button. The main menu on the right of the screen lists the general options that are available: Label, Learn, Utilities, Tools, and Settings.


This menu includes options for creating or printing labels and signs. The options here are:

  • Templates: Browse existing templates for signs or labels on your Kodiak.
  • Label Designer: Design new signs or labels from scratch or modify existing designs.
  • Arc Flash: Enter data for specialized electrical safety signage, and print labels that comply with the NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 standards.
  • Chemical Labeling: Create GHS-style chemical labels for safety and compliance, using an editable database of chemical details. Labels can follow HazCom 2012 (United States) or international GHS (UN) formats.
  • NFPA/RTK: Create supplemental chemical labels with the NFPA 704 hazard ratings, using an editable database of chemical details.
  • Pipe Marking: Quickly design pipe labels to match ANSI/ASME A13.1 or the IIAR Bulletin No. 114 standards.


This menu includes ways for you to learn about major topics or find the answers to your questions. The options here are:

  • Label Examples: Examples of completed labels and signs in a variety of styles.
  • Manuals: Documentation for your Kodiak and its associated software.
  • Videos: Helpful how-to videos, including how to load supplies into your Kodiak.


This menu is for maintaining and updating your Kodiak system. The options here are:

  • Database Manager: Create, copy, import, or export databases for use with the labeling modules.
  • Font Installer: Add a standard .ttf font file to your Kodiak’s list of available fonts.
  • Touch Calibration: If Kodiak’s touchscreen seems to respond strangely, you can recalibrate it here.
  • Updater: View a list of the different applications on your Kodiak and automatically update them, using a Wi-Fi connection or a USB storage device with downloaded software.
  • Users and Passwords: Manage usernames and passwords to control access to your Kodiak.


This menu offers direct access to specific applications on your Kodiak. The options here are:

  • Calculator: Perform basic math functions.
  • Character Map: Browse and copy special characters for use in your labels and signs.
  • Graphic Viewer: View image files on your Kodiak.
  • PDF Viewer: Read documents in the standard PDF style.
  • Spreadsheet: View and make basic edits to basic spreadsheet files.
  • Text Editor: Read or write plain text documents.
  • Video Player: Play video files in .ogv format.


This menu is for your Kodiak’s system settings. The options here are:

  • Preferences: These are the detailed controls for how your Kodiak will handle print jobs.
  • Supply Status: See which supplies are currently loaded, and how much of each is remaining. You can also access this utility by tapping on the small supply icons in the main toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • Date and Time: Adjust Kodiak’s internal clock or calendar. You can also access these settings by tapping on the time or date displayed in the main toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • Networking: View or change Kodiak’s network settings to connect to a wireless or Ethernet network. You can also access these settings by clicking the network icon in the main toolbar at the top of the screen.

More Support Options

If you have any questions about using your DuraLabel Kodiak printer, get help from Graphic Products’ world-class support team by calling 800-788-5572 or visiting We’re here to help with all your labeling needs!

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If we've been unable to help you with the resources available here, we're still here for you! Live Chat with a certified service representative now.
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