Getting to Know the Label Canvas in Your DuraLabel Lobo

Last Modified: 08/10/2021
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When a cartridge is loaded, and the Lobo is turned on, the display screen shows what we call the label canvas.

Like visuals? You can view examples here: DuraLabel Lobo User Guide

Label Canvas Display

The label canvas can only display one cell at a time. If a label has multiple cells, the next cell can be accessed by using the Next Cell key. (Shift + Next Cell moves to a previous cell.)

A label’s width (corresponding to the screen’s vertical dimension in most layouts) is automatically based on the width of the print cartridge. Pressing Enter will move the cursor to the next line and create a new text field. This will also automatically reduce the size of the existing content in order to fit the label width. (This automatic field resizing won’t occur if Font Size is set to Fixed.)

The label’s length will change based on how much content has been entered on the label. (Automatic length resizing won’t occur if Label Length is set to Fixed.)

Status Indicators

Around the label canvas, mode there are several status indicators that give you important information about the label project.


The content status box at the top of the screen displays some key pieces of information.

The large letter in the top left of the screen indicates the type of content where the cursor is currently located. The abbreviations are:

T = text

IMG = image (symbol)

B = barcode

S = sequence

SB = sequenced barcode

D = time/date

The content status box displays other relevant information about the content. For instance, for a text field, the content status box communicates if the text is currently set to underlined, bolded, or italicized, amongst other information.

  1. Label size indicator: The current size of the label is displayed on the left side of the label canvas. W indicates the width of the label, as determined by the label supply in the current cartridge. L indicates the length of the label, which will change based on the content that you place.
  2. Label/cell position indicator: The current label (out of those in the current project) and the current cell (out of those in the current label) are shown in the lower left.
  3. Vertical/horizontal orientation indicator: The small T in the lower right-hand corner of the display screen indicates the orientation of the current cell. When the T is oriented normally, the label is in normal horizontal-entry mode. When a vertically oriented layout has been chosen, the T will be rotated to the side.
  4. File name indicator: If there is a file name for the label that is currently being worked on, it will be displayed along the right side of the label canvas. New labels added to an existing file will not display the new file name until the file has been saved.

NOTE: The .GPF is a Lobo-specific file suffix that indicates the file was created on the Lobo. The .GPF suffix is not visible in the file menus.

  1. Layout indicator: This icon shows you the layout of the current label, with the current cell highlighted in yellow.
  2. Supply remaining indicator: This icon shows approximately how much supply is still left in the printer cartridge.
  3. Power status indicator: The power status icon changes to indicate the Lobo’s current power source.

ac-icon-duralabel-loboThis means that the Lobo is plugged into the power adaptor and currently using AC power.

using-battery-icon-duralabel-loboThis means that the Lobo is using battery power. The green area of the battery icon indicates the remaining battery charge.

battery-low-icon-duralabel-loboWhen the battery icon turns red, it means that the battery is low on energy and should be recharged.

battery-charging-icon-duralabel-loboWhen the battery is charging, the letter B is red and the battery icon is filled.

More Support Options

If you have any questions about using your DuraLabel Lobo printer, get help from Graphic Products’ world-class support team by calling 800-788-5572 or visiting We’re here to help with all your labeling needs!

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