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Last Modified: 07/29/2021
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Learn how to design labels using Microsoft® Word. Variations may occur among different versions of Word, but basic principles are the same. The DuraLabel 4000 is designed to work with any currently supported Windows software and should work with the software installed on your computer. Microsoft Word 2003 and 2010 were used to describe many procedures below.

The following information assumes your printer has been properly installed and is connected in the online mode.

Like visuals? You can view the instructional tutorial here: DuraLabel 4000 User Guide

Label Design


Working with text for label design is only slightly different from working with text in a normal document. In a document, text can be treated as a whole: formatting, layout and design can be universal. With a label, each section of text is easier to format if handled separately and allows for complete customizing.

Titles will have to be moved and adjusted, portions of text will have to be moved around independently and with more detail than in a normal document. In a document it is sufficient to have most text single or double-spaced; in a label you may want to move text only a few millimeters, or several centimeters.


A text box may be formatted or positioned anywhere on the document. The box can have borders and can be filled with different colors, or it can have no borders and be transparent. All these features make text boxes ideal for label creation. In MS Word, add a text box using the following steps. Click on Insert >>> Text Box.

Next, holding down the left mouse button, drag (in the document window) the square handles on the border of the text box until it is the desired size. You can scale and position text boxes with ease. The squares only appear after a text box is created. While creating, the cursor is a cross.

Format the text inside the box to any size and style, then position the box for the desired layout. Initially, the text box will have a border around it. To get rid of the border, double-click the text box. When you do this, the Format Text Box dialog will appear. Click the Colors & Lines tab. Click the Color dropdown menu under Line and select No Line. Click OK, and the border will be removed.

NOTE: If you choose not to use text boxes for your text, you will still be able to print your label, but formatting problems may prevent you from getting the results you desire.

Information on the text box tool is available through your word processors help file. Consult the help file for more detailed information on using text boxes.



Many word processors have built-in drawing tools. You can use these tools to enhance the look of your labels. Designs can be as complex as you desire, but colors should be kept to black and white. Black and white will give you the best contrast, and the best printing output. Actual print color depends on the ribbon and vinyl loaded in the DuraLabel 4000 and is unaffected by the colors shown on your computer screen.


To insert a picture into a Word Document, first create a new text box so you can insert the picture into the text box (this allows the image to be moved). Once you’ve created a text box, select it by clicking inside the box, then click on Insert >>> Picture >>> From File, then select the location of the file you desire to insert.

Insert symbols by browsing to the Symbols folder from the DuraLabel 4000 CD previously installed on your desktop. The picture is automatically placed in your Word document. Change the size by clicking and holding down on the corner of the box, while dragging it to the desired size.

You can insert other objects, graphics, and clip art from the same pull-down menu. When working with images it is important to remember the type of printer you are using. Images should be formatted so that your printing output matches the capabilities of the printer. The DuraLabel 4000 is designed for label creation and has a monochromatic output (meaning it can only print one color at a time.)

With Word it is easy to make your images print in monochrome. Once the image is inserted into the document simply double-click on it and select the Picture tab. Under the “Image Control” section choose the “Color” pull-down menu and select Black and White. Your image will be instantly converted to a format that the DuraLabel 4000 can handle.


Symbols can be used on labels and signage to get your point across visually. When safety is a concern, it is important to have a language that is universal, and symbols accomplish just that.

For your convenience, we've included more than 1800 ready-to-use symbols, divided by category, on your DuraLabel 4000 CD. Just choose a symbol, insert it into your document, then print a visually appealing and informative label or sign. To view or print a list of all the included symbols, browse to the Symbols folder on the CD. A PDF of all the symbols in their respective categories is included in that folder.


Insert symbols into an MS Word document by clicking on Insert >>> Picture >>> From File. From that window, browse to the Symbols folder. If you have already installed the symbols from the CD (they automatically install when you install the templates), there is a folder on your Desktop called DL4000 Templates and Symbols.

The symbols folder is located inside the DL4000 Templates and Symbols folder. Just choose the symbol you want from the categorized folders and insert into your document. Once your symbol is inserted into your text document, you can resize and move it to your desired layout.

HELPFUL HINT: When trying to determine the size of your label or the size of the symbol you place on it, take into consideration the distance from which the sign or label will be viewed. You should make the symbol large enough that a viewer can comprehend it from as far away as deemed necessary.

NOTE: To Install the Symbols, insert the DuraLabel 4000 CD into your CD drive. When the startup screen appears, simply click the “Templates & Symbols” button, follow the on-screen directions, and they will be automatically installed on your Desktop in the DL4000 Templates and Symbols folder. You can browse to that folder at any time to use the symbols or templates.

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