Configuring the Ethernet Card in Your DuraLabel 9000

Last Modified: 07/19/2021
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The internal Ethernet card can be configured using the front display panel buttons and LCD on the DuraLabel 9000.

The Menu button on the front display panel will provide access to the printer menu. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to navigate through the menu. To enter data, use the UP button to increment the highlighted digit by 1. The DOWN button will shift one over and highlight the next digit. Pressing SELECT will accept the selection. Pressing MENU will take you to the previous screen.

Like visuals? You can view the instructional tutorial here: DuraLabel 9000 User Guide

Setting an Ethernet Port using the Diagnostic Tool

Use the following steps to set a port with the diagnostic tool:

  1. Open My Computer, then right-click on the DuraLabel 9000 disk icon and select Open.
  2. Double-click on the DiagTool_128.exe to run the tool.
  3. Click on Ethernet Setup from the Printer Function buttons on the left side.
  4. On the Ethernet Setup window, select DHCP or set a specific Static IP, Subnet Mask and Gateway. Click Set IP. The printer will restart with the new settings.

Installing a Driver for the Ethernet Port

Follow these steps to install a driver for use with the Ethernet port:

  1. Insert the DuraLabel 9000 Installation CD in your computer’s disk drive. A DuraLabel 9000 startup screen
  2. Click on Driver Wizard, then click Next on the Driver Setup Wizard window that appears.
  3. Click I Agree on the Windows Printer Driver License Agreement window that appears.
  4. Select DuraLabel 9000 and click Next on the DuraLabel Driver Selection window that appears.
  5. Choose the install location and click Install on the Choose Install Location window that appears. An Installing window shows installation progress.
  6. Select Install printer drivers on the Driver Wizard window that appears and click Next.
  7. Select Graphic Products DuraLabel 9000 on the Specify Printer Model window that appears and click Next.
  8. Click Create Port on the Specify Port window that appears. A Create Port selection box will now appear.
  9. Select Standard TCP/IP Port on the Create Port selection box and click New Port.
  10. The Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard Click Next.
  11. Enter the IP Address and Port Name in the Add Port dialog box that appears, then click Next.
  12. An Additional Port Information Required window now opens. Select Standard: Generic Network Card under Device Type and click Next.
  13. Make sure the port information is correct on the Completing the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard window that appears, then click Finish.
  14. Select the newly created port on the Specify Port window that now appears, then click Next.
  15. Select Printer Name, set the printer as default and choose printer sharing options on the Specify Printer Name window that opens, then click Next.
  16. Review the information on the Completing the Seagull Driver Wizard window that opens and click Finish if the information is correct. If it isn’t correct, revise the selections made in previous steps and click Finish when the window’s information is accurate.
  17. A Driver Wizard Completed Successfully window appears, confirming the printer driver installation was completed successfully. Click Close.
  18. The previous window closes, and a Completing the DuraLabel Driver Setup Wizard window appears. Click Finish to complete the new driver installation.

Manually Configuring the IP Address

  1. Press the MENU
  2. Select Main Menu.
  3. Select Setup.
  4. Navigate to Ethernet, then press SELECT.
  5. Select DHCP or Static IP.

Setting a Static IP

  1. Highlight Static IP and press SELECT.
  2. Set the IP address using the Up, Down, Menu and Select buttons as described earlier.

More Support Options

If you have any questions about using your DuraLabel 9000 printer, get help from Graphic Products’ world-class support team by calling 800-788-5572 or visiting We’re here to help with all your labeling needs!

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